Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Directed energy game in Krka village was recorded already by Americans at bellow residence and declined to stop game by police officer(neighbor) Jerman Metod

Jerman Metod was one of the individuals who also delivered me very early on to Bosnia and had straight ties to Serbian chetnik Arkan - Željko Ražnatović. Željko Ražnatović with whom Slovenian police developed very affectionate(playful) relationship.

After local medical center physicians and head doctor in 1994 declined to perform on me medical examination for overseas work(I paid to center for examination out of my own pocket and they declined - was done instead in Austrian Salzburg) and have threatened me would even proclaim me as an insane if departing for work overseas, this very police  officer Metod Jerman arrived in our garage along local police officers(his bosses) to demand  from me to give up on overseas work and instead join UDBA - would assist police which would obtain me source of employment somewhere. Upon my declining invitation to join UDBA, death threats started to rain - after disregarding death threats, death threats become concentrated on I cite, "IF YOU WILL NOT RETURN IMMEDIATELY FROM USA AFTER YOU COMPLETE CONTRACT WE WILL KILL YOU"....

This very police officer had heavy pretensions along few other Krka street resident in respect to me that included numerous death threats "in case I would not comply"

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