Saturday, November 20, 2021

Kamala Harris was a Belgrade darling since 1995 - stuck paralyzed with her decisions pertaining even to ethnic cleansing(this isn't about myself only - forget it) on Balkans in time somehow

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@Kamala Harris - Slobodan Milošević gone, Karađič gone, with Šešelj and Aleksandar Vučič Milorad Dodik to return YOU MUST BE THE WORST OF THE WORST. Trump did at least for his interests that involved racial views, you and your friends on the other hand, for $$$$$ which you will return from banking accounts to its rightful colonial owners along your properties. You are American suicide. Cheers

&tell us about GIRLS GONE WILD IN BELGRADE DURING 1999(2000) when Aleksandar Vučič hooked you up with some Serbian dating...the promises you made/gave...sad sad sad

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