Thursday, November 25, 2021

FACTS ABOUT SLOVENIAN POLICE TRIGGER IMMEDIATE NEW OLD NEWS ABOUT ABUSE FROM INTERPOL ETC.(Buckingham palace comes to rescue to Milan Kučan very very fast): I am not surprised Mr. Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi of Interpol and of Buckingham palace(he is #1 at Interpol now) is accused of torture most likely because one gestured till 2015 with exception(briefly appeared outside of UAE was not) was on my side

The one who hated him and promised for Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi as a head of Interpol to have no future in organisation(short career at Interpol) was Vladimir Putin - within days as was told by British(and its exactly why I was told in our Novo mesto house) Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi will assist me in 2001/2003, Putin and his KGB team insisted me during MK Ultra 

 how they have made already an agreement in respect to Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi's removal - Putin insisted on multiple occasions to me since 1995 that he controlled entire Arab world of affairs 100% to degree no one ever would assist me. 

Question here is who is which group according to MK ULTRA blah blah also was also involved MK Ultra brainwash along few other human rights groups which guaranteed me absolute failure on every step of the way OR WERE THEY !!??? 

Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi was involved in MK Ultra since 2001/2003...Mr. Hubert J-LAFERRIERE alone was involved in MK Ultra case as one of the most aggressive NO SAYERS TO ME since 1998 or so - its not an surprise two popped up at the same time in same type of the news article....there is just NO or YES in this case...there is just omission of truth in respect to worst crimes possible(crimes ranging from human trafficking to heaviest torture trauma infliction with idea to cause me nervous breakdown - murder me through variety of instruments which included also psychiatry due to heavy political lobby where participants human dignity of victim poses the biggest obstacle - goal if not getting me killed was to turn me into brain-dead slave) due to timely unacceptable long long intestines they produced for the sake of the $$$$$ they pull behind them....but you already know where $$$$ is going so I know Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi was and will be just another HEAVILY INVOLVED SAW NOTHING HEARD NOTHING KNOW NOTHING Mark Dillon of ICC ;) and learned NOT TO REGRET WHERE THERE IS NOTHING NO ONE TO REGRET BECAUSE IT WOULD BE REGRETTABLE FROM MY END(I know what sadism is)....

The international law enforcement body Interpol on Thursday elected a controversial official from the United Arab Emirates as its new president during its annual General Assembly in Istanbul.

Major General Ahmed Naser al-Raisi, inspector general at the UAE's Interior Ministry, was chosen for one four-year term, the global policing body announced on Twitter.

Al-Raisi, who went on an extensive lobbying trip to the US and Latin America at the eve of the Interpol elections, stands accused by human rights groups of involvement in torture and arbitrary detentions in the UAE.

Complaints against him run in five countries, including in France, where Interpol has its headquarters, and in Turkey, where the election is took place.

The vote for president has been closely watched since the first-ever Chinese president of the body, Meng Hongwei, vanished midway through his four-year term on a return trip to China in 2018.

It subsequently emerged that he had been detained, accused of bribery and other alleged crimes in an operation that is part of Chinese president Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive that has put thousands of people behind bars. 

Strong opposition

Another controversial move was the election of Hu Binchen, a deputy director in charge of international cooperation, as representative for Asia in Interpol's 13-member executive committee.  

A statement by the Inter-parliamentary Alliance on China (Ipac) a group representing MPs from some 20 countries, expressed "deep concern" by Hu's election.

"The government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has repeatedly abused the Interpol Red Notice to persecute dissidents in exile.

"Hu’s election gives the PRC government a green light to continue using Interpol as a vehicle for its repressive policies globally and places thousands of Hong Konger, Uyghur, Tibetan, Taiwanese and Chinese dissidents living abroad at even graver risk," Ipac said.


It is not the first time that Interpol's presidency is surrounded by controversy. According to investigative reporter Gerald L Posner, in a letter to the New York Times on 22 February 1990, Interpol's hierarchy has had an unhealthy history of close connections to national socialism.

"Not only did Interpol share its headquarters with the Gestapo during World War II, but it also officially operated as a division within the Nazi Security Police," Posner said.

"Two Nazi war criminals, Reinhard Heydrich and then Ernst Kaltenbruner were the agency's wartime presidents."

According to Posner, Interpol's right-wing bias continued after the war. In 1963, Jean Nepote was elected president. He had collaborated with France's Vichy Government during the war.

"In 1968, Interpol elected Paul Dickopf as its president. Although it was discovered that he had been an SS officer in the war, having worked in the very villa where Interpol and the Gestapo were headquartered, he nevertheless remained president until 1972," Posner wrote.

However a CIA file that was declassified in 2007, while stating that he was a "second lieutanant in the security police" seems to suggest that he "no membership of the Nazi party" and "fled Germany because of moral objections to the Nazi regime" in 1943. 

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