Thursday, November 11, 2021

NAZI(allies) deal failure ALWAYS RESULTED IN HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNS AND POINTING AT "ENEMY"(in this case with its full permission to point at one)

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As far as Uyghurs(therefore human rights), I do like to ask American administration in Washington DC where all natives(Indians) are as far as United States of America and Canada !!???? How many are there left !!????

As far as "Russian enemy" well...for that matter to learn about you just have to visit graveyard in London(and don't you walk far from Buckingham palace for that matter as Romanovs in there will resent your visit to Grrreat Britain) ,) 

Allies per convenience 卐 not Donetsk not Crimea nor Hong Kong nor Taiwan not Poland nor Belarus(coming next as new "annexation" with Russia via "crises") whoever is stupid enough to place his real estate listed for free(free giveaway) with allies via handshake for the sake of bigger offer from someone because of whom 卐 handshake took place on a first place...

In Chinese republic Xinjiang Area[1] • area in of Total of 1,664,897 km2 there are 13.5 million Uyghurs...while there are on 19 million square kilometres(USA and Canada combine) only 4.5 million native Indians....there you have your American human rights and friendship(allies). PERVERSIA - TOXIC DEBILIADA.

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