Thursday, November 11, 2021

German filth Ursula Von Der Leyen claimed I mistreated(as drugged up and tortured) a Belarusian Sergei and few others and ITS WHY REGARDLESS OF WHAT I WILL EAT WILL SUFFER CANCER CONSEQUENCES

 I cite, "even if you will somehow eat right food, we will do something that you will not avoid the worst" - statement which appears to me as they referred to as "toxic" since I was

compelled to give in a lots of foods to "cure myself"(they demanded under MK Ultra radical food approach - eccentric / insane behavior) yet again didn't accomplish anything more than as if I was eating junk food. This too consequently specially when supported with such statement pushes individual into world of garbage Germany(2017) at her home next to Merkel as both forced me into question as what we are going to eat, she answered me with I cite,
"everything you are not and will not be allowed to eat at your home" 

This is why this video is so important for me and nothing matters more than real intentions of criminals who engaged in crime against me for 28 years. 

Hollywood film producer Steven Spielberg was the one whose famous saying TO ME REPEATEDLY was "I don't want you to die because I want you to die numerous times more". He was also partial producer(THE BIGGEST IN USA) of crime against me as one wrote MK Ultra crime scenarios against me used my reactions for his own industry in Hollywood. 

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