Friday, November 19, 2021

Sebastian Kurz will have to explain himself to me if he saw himself under MK Ultra as he stated me in respect to photo bellow as a part of Serbian chetniks per Russian trade or was it because he had some deeper mentally related to me issues he suffered from

Asking because Sebastian even claimed I disliked him based on his looks - lie. Never did.

@Kurz - I met yesterday infront of Hervis Sports/Interspar in SuperNova center when waiting for COVID19 test results your sort of doppelganger you introduced me in MK Ultra claiming I don't like you based on your looks.

Even in Poland on hunger games, I liked Sebastian's stay in our house during 2005 despite my being subjected to MK Ultra and wished one was longer. Has a daughter as was told in vicinity of Novo mesto. Because of extremely unpleasant runabouts with Sebastian also infront of what became his Russian colleagues when I was brought to Russia and his claims even to Ursula Von der Leyen(guy met me yesterday just as Ursula promised me case will be to see I have nothing against one based on his facial looks) on how I don't like one based on his looks, I alone would like to obtain some answers for which I deem is a matter of hypocrisy from both. 

Trade is trade, but I lost 28 years of life - and truth is just what it is...

@Sebastian Kurz - you are welcome to visit if you have nothing to hide. I am not and will not serve the purpose of some buggy man against your daughter, you, your family...

Not as Borut Pahor instructed me to see one as Kurt Waldheim while insisting publicly for French German train, but rather something else(sounds more like young man thirsty for money and fame than anything else but there is a line to everything)...

From Organisation of Serbian Chetniks "Ravna Gora" Australia

Serbs and Ruskies always used DEMORALIZATION technology in which they insisted on how they are in bed with entire world(used also doppelgangers and silicone masks to convince victim - myself in this case), but its not quite like this. Even if certain politician were and are, road past human determination is not just based on blah blah...mental sickness !!???? Lets talk about it. 

After signing agreement with Adolf Hitler and upon Hitler's invasion on Kingdom of SHS, Alexandar Karađorđević family ran to United Kingdom where offered refuge by Windsors/Battenbergers.

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