Sunday, November 14, 2021

REPEATED: Britney's Spears is a great friend of Taylor Swift(BOTH WORKED FOR THE MONEY VERY VERY HARD) I have forgotten to write about in my previous posts

Britney Spears involved in my case since her high school years also knew everything about my cancer related issues and have always protested - objected to my being mistreated(on every occasion when in our Novo mesto's house). She was always soooo concerned for me and have once even saved my life(appeared in Novo mesto in 2012/2013 as my main advocate - thats when I was hospitalized, but the one who gave green light to hospitalization and have greatly contributed to hospitalization via torture alone have had also appeared next to her at the opportunity anywhere from Buckingham palace to top US Government officials) - is what I was told and demonstrated under MK Ultra. Well - its how it went. Related to 

Britney Spears HAS A LOT TO EXPLAIN in respect to my case. Taylor Swift is already one of the minuses that I will assign her as I under no circumstances should have mentioned her - this is how they bailed one another out of regular citizen's "responsibility" to report about crime one another.
Toxic was a boost for her, but for the cost of word "toxic" which meaning and repeated expression ruled under brainwash in my case for no less than 28 years - was repeated word "toxic" under MK Ultra on million times and next to subjected to super human dignity degradation on every  occasion...but no as was told, "toxic" despite being told by Britney Spears upon release of song that I am toxic had nothing to do with her views against me or in any way to hurt me - Britney Spears always was in it to help me is what she alone claimed me...

@Britney Spears - Upon release of this song, however, things weren't either as you claimed were between the two of us till then and I know so because I remember what went on and it was first time I actually obtained under MK Ultra facts that you were in it for something else - not that I rejected you for one thing.

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