Monday, November 15, 2021

Sam Asghari(fiance of Britney) is of a noble Iranian family is what I was told as I knew him and his family before one immigrated to Iran

 Is it political or more I do not know, but Iranian regime somehow opened him and family way out. I remember his home in Iran where they had me - his family involved in my case since 1998 or so....I remember him since one was boy. Saying this because its all about him since I released video today 

I got to know several Iranian kids since MK Ultra started...some norther from Tehran city and some in Tehran - one guy did moved from what most likely was Zanjan direction and I think as was with Britney he was the telling me about his village meaning that he could have been the one - if he is from Tehran originally, then I can also describe his house in the city. I am quite certain he moved from another city two hours away to Tehran - with mother when perhaps 9 to grandma in Tehran or something like this ? it written anywhere what I stated !!????

He had some friends also with him - two hours from Tehran with plane from Shiraz !!??? Its impossible for me all this, but he did tried to initiate to me his story with friends repeatedly to what seemed at the time more insane than beyond wildest dreams I had because why...why would I have to remember stuff like this...I was determined to escape ordeal in real life - dozen of places is where I filed for political asylum its how much I hated MK Ultra.

Sam has few sisters I think is green in Tehran(was not completely in center), but they moved then into better bigger house and closer into center of Tehran - they moved twice in Tehran alone...

My regards to Sam and his Iranian mates ,)

It was something like this in rural area of Tehran at first -  Sam was not proud about it and didn't want me to mention it...

Then this here opened I refused to marry Sam's sister 
There is some newer tower modern buildings(apartment) they started to build in vicinity of his second home/residence in Tehran where they moved and I think his sister lives in one of them.

Donald Trump who invested heavily in there.

Sam took me often times to Bank Markazi Tower area - into city about one hour from his home, so it appears to me now I have a whole map of Tehran city...North of Iran Trump used(THERE WAS NO "WE") to visit 28F2+3V Hameh Ja, Alborz Province, Iran on way to Caspian sea...

NONE OF THIS IS OKAY WITH ME - ITS CALLED HUMAN TRAFFICKING WITH SERIOUS ATTEMPTS TO RESETTLE INDIVIDUAL INTO ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD VIA TERROR/HIJACKING - APPLIES TO EVERYTHING SAME INCL. TO GERMANY. No such thing as "we" no such thins as "recognize if he/she will see himself/herself in you" such thing as "if you will be nice" such thing as "biggest disparity ever", but instead CRIME THAT TOOK 28 YEARS OF LIFE FROM ME for which money alone doesn't and will not compensate for. I am not a deer/animal for business executives politicians or whomever US GOVERNMENT exposed me to place their hands on....not here to thank you for abuse/torture that deprived me of 28 years of life even through psychiatry...

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