Sunday, November 28, 2021

NEIGHBORS METOD JERMAN(police officer involved since 1995) AND JUDEŽ GREGOR GUARANTEED SEEN HERE: Belarus Killer clown Sergei had agreement with local Italian Eurospin store in respect to items which I would purchase in the future and which he would destroy in-front of me to have them

afterwards replaced by my mother via neighbors. They hand her destroyed item after I purchased(just did sweater) on what she during my absence replaces new one sold to me via discounted rate with destroyed one. From Hofer Aldi to Lidl, Eurospin, Tuš, Mercator - Germany corrupted(financed crime) against me entire city of Novo mesto. Milan Kučan didn't object - you can imagine Slovenian patriot as one is. Related to 

Sleeves on item I bought three days ago were tied - whole thing new. What you see is a product of sadistic garbage inside of the heads of my loving neighbor$$$.

After I decided this morning not to return one and have thrown receipt away, mother acted fast. Lukashenko's personal killer clown never ever washed item and have told me will recognize one from pen mark as seen on sleeve...

Purchase was completed infront of Slovenian female cashier involved in MK Ultra and Serbian individual employed at Renault(lives along two other companions which were present at the time in apartment building). Mentioned parties all know one another.

This wasn't about items arriving via mail services from China(ebay/Ali-express) only - same applied to items bought locally. 

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