Thursday, November 11, 2021

I told you revolution in Belarus was supported by and incited in by Germany for the sake of Lukashenko - Russian politic

They funded one through UN Chanel's but not to help Belarus - very idea was to give Belarus to Russia which will complete yet another dot in Russo German politic which goal is colonialism of globe. Donetsk, Crimea, Hong Kong, Belarus and Taiwan with foot in Syria already. Poland, however, did rejected German attemp to set it's EU agency known as Frontex in Poland on border with Belarus - for now.... 

@fictitious European Union -  not where is Frontex, but where were you when Ukraine was at war...why did you support war against Ukraine even via oil purchases - never mind weaponry you supplied Russia with...

It is disturbing to note how some new EU member states such as Lithuania are blindly throwing itself under tank thread of Perversia(Germany) for the sake of seke than can well cost them of national Independence already tomorrow(Taiwan issue as an example as Perversia is rather using proxy to awake non problematic issue and hand one afterwards to those whom one made prior agreement). EU doesn't exist - Perversia that caused death of 80 million people and Europe burned to ground just 80 years ago, however, does exist. Perversia today owns fictitious EU. Next to blah blah from Perversia about Lukashenko regime which as Germany claims violated rights of Belarus people, nothing was done to protect those other than more gas oil purchases and you might get KGB in your country under bogus humanitarian crises.

Perversia is known to stop with violence only when ceilings are falling down on its citizens' heads(when they no longer can count number of own dead is when they stop - was case in WW1 and WW2)...we are in mids of WW3 already...after more virus restrictions more viruses will attack filter and more will people comply filter.

Mistakenly was Nagasaki Hiroshima as if was for Berlin Frankfurt, Munich instead - world would even had chance today.....heil hitler...sieg heil Perversia.

Place like no other - only in Perversia

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