Sunday, November 28, 2021

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 was the one who okay-ed whatever abuse Slovenian criminals(neighbor Andrej Uhl as the most active) came up with

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 pushed/compelled mother/father into crime against me. German state financed(they paid to Belarus criminal as well as to domestic thugs for crime against me) crime against me. Thats how close cooperation between Moscow and Berlin got. Will have video coming about it...

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš insisted on how discounted bred(walnut bred as they analysed everything a to z) from Hofer Aldo stores is covered with mold(cancer 4 issue they involved) and teached me to only eat ONLY whatever is inside bred not(avoid) crust - he actually wanted paranoia video on behalf of Berlin(Aldi - Hofer are from Austria/Germany) from me and I wonder how much they paid psychiatric assassin for schizophrenia torture...too much crime to count, but okayed and FINANCED by main CRIME BANKER against me 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 on behalf of Germans state. Ursula von der Leyen a cash crime sponsor against me.

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