Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Last two years dedicated to e. European politicians infront whom she placed herself

 People were just used as figurines. Asylum in Poland was dedicated to Walesa, Kaczynski, Andzej Duda, Morawiecki, and criminals from West who sponsored crime financially. Not to me nor to people...idea was to cause as much harm as possible incl emotional and place her in front of mentioned politicians on what to reject entire case in her name - dismiss me as no good/traitor.

Biznis po Polsku - knife in the back and even accuse stabbed one with knife in the back while bleeding  knifing those who knifed one(its how I was seen and gestured by certain people while walking to Czech rep. in hope for job - they had audacity to do this as well)...

And what did I stated year and half ago live on camera I cite, "Andzej Duda told me Poland will try to cause as much as possible damage/harm and even fight me at international institutions to delay truth as much as possible".

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