Wednesday, September 30, 2020

卐 卍Kingdom of Buckingham palace卐 卍 places sanctions on Belarus Lukashenko not Putin + @Ukraine - "if you will keep silent and be good and if I win(says Joe) in US elections, you will get self defense weapons"

As I have stated, some democrats are different from other democrats(actually indifferent and from republicans and there so republicans had and can have their show going) and Buckingham palace Charles who would ALSO meet(we went there as well) ongoing in Crimea for West East economic summits since 1996(back then when Crimea was still Ukrainian and Ukrainians who observed Putin's team loudly accenting infront of Crimean natives importance of one becoming part of Russia <== prince Charles calm them down repeatedly that Kingdom of Buckingham palace will never allow this to happen to calm down and sleep tight worry free) insists on Belarus STOP RESISTING Putin - joins great neonazi order as of right now !!! This is how much Ukraine, Poland(real Poland), Belarus, and all others including Russia where common Slavic destiny failed totally have in common with one another....united we stand tall, divided they will break us into million pieces !!! Its about 卐 卍 and not Lukashenko being dictator and 卐 卍 and not Ukraine or Russia. They care about us as much as about last year snow. If they could have, they would made us kill one another. WAKE UP SLAVS - UNITE(get read of Putin) AND SEND AMERICAN TANKS FROM POLAND UKRAINE BACK TO GERMANY WHERE THEY BELONG(STOP AMEROGERMAN OCCUPATION) !!!

Message to Ukraine is clear:
Shut up and take it

Message to Belarus(same to other Slavic states) is clear:
Shut up and join - give in your independence for the sake of plan 卐 卍

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