Saturday, September 12, 2020

Polish and Czech kids from 7th grade up should visit compulsory Slovenia Croatia as we grew apart as nations too much(more than I suspected case was)h

 All the way up to age 18(completion of high school they should be obligated to spend one month and no less on Balkans).

I believe Soviet terror and conflicts in region alienated them enough to want to believe are part of something, but unwilling to try in real life what causes us to grow apart even further.

Student exchange program should be encouraged and vacations should last no less than one month. Not enough of them visited during USSR, and in EU all is seen through eyes of money for what I deem is catastrophe when it comes to our relations.

Russians feel in Slovenia as in home and Ukrainians do too, but Czechs, Slovaks, Poles do not. It has to do with educational system I see as from my perspective as Slovenian we feel comfortable in any Slavic country.

One in thing is to know you are part of something and another to try out. Its not enough to repeat phrase " we are all Slavs". You have to tried if detached for so long. Month of experience would stay life long memory and project should be financed by all 6 states. Vacations elsewhere in our case NOT AFFORDABLE. Slavic unity first then rest. Alps, hills, Adriatic sea and perhaps some marriage here and then.

I realised last night that I am comfortable everywhere, but reality others may experience SPECIALLY BECAUSE OF AMERICAN GERMAN involvement in this part of the world may be totally different. Slovenes is not America nor is Germany...its where every door is open to any of you. Its your second home on Balkans open for you 24/7

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