Sunday, September 27, 2020

US Government would love nothing more than nazism, but Americans as nation reject one - Unimpressed crowd in Portland unloaded fists on a "Proud Boys"(regular fascist thugs supported by White House) of which some came to express their issues with "freedom of 卐 卍speech卐 卍" carrying ninja swords on their backs

There was and is only one LEGITIMATE US president that I know of and his name is Barak Obama - Black Lives Maters and ANTIFA a legitimate human rights groups which this site proudly supports !!! As far as nazis well - they ended on repository of history 75 years ago claiming up to 85 million lives and its our duty to keep it that way(send them where they belong).

Portland Seattle and this is where Trumpet and his criminal syndicate broke their teeth despite battalions of UNIFORMED thugs(neonazi criminals delinquents hired as police officers federal officers used to ignite racial war) they gathered and prepared for crime over the years against America.

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