Sunday, September 27, 2020

@European 卐 卍Union卐 卍 read again

With Russia yes if we have to let Russian tanks inside, with so called European Union NEVER EVER !!!

Will campaign to nuke you out of your existence before allowing you to enter here with your tanks.

My MK Ultra case is FOREMOST case against you in Berlin/Washington DC/ Paris/ London and more you are going to campaign against our national souverenities in eastern Europe, more I will support Russian tanks(your intentions are indifferent from those 75 years ago and it doesn't matter if it comes to Slovenia, Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine and so on - what you did to me is your plan for all of us - European Union HATES our existence attempts to use our independences against our existence via divide and conquer game).

Its called 360 degree safety turn. Its when we Slavs pull together and get you out of our lands to the last bit.

With Joe Biden or Trump is the same s*** to us. You talk alot of talk and fight a lots of fight in US(drama) but behind it all is hiding the same ugly swastika face we have seen in the past.

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