Tuesday, September 1, 2020

German politic wants us to see US as black and white - see one as two party system DEM vs REP) while forgetting who we are and where we are coming from

Donald Trump and his Bezos alike cronies murdered hundreds of Pollacks, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians and Belorussians - divided cities and broke countries while doing businesses here in e. Europe...it doesn't work like this. Democrats; however, were interested in stunts - stunt politics and coverups. See nothing, heard nothing, know nothing politics.

This very issue of black and white in US produced desired hole in Russian, Polish etc. Slavic communities across the US where they disappeared...now here...it won't work like this because what Germans can afford and do afford to control, we can't.

It won't make much difference in my case whoever wins 2020, but stupidity to take either side in German politics does. They lie, kill, and steal.

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