Thursday, September 10, 2020

On frequent Polish(was already asked same in Czech) question where am from and if Slovenia is in EU already

 I will answer just its not about where you are from but instead about what you are. Yes, you too will be like Slovenia is today in next 50 years. 

Note pay is in Euros - not Zloty

And why am I here and why I don't go there - its because I have the right yo be and because your criminal conduct concerns entire Slovenian nation safety wise. I have more respect for Roma people than for what I have seen in 50% of Polish population. Not so much about where you are from(EU and this and that), but who you are.

Talking to Belarus I have no clue about what exactly. Lukashenko is 100% more Russian than Putin and you can't blame one for Putin's games(extortion which brings cist of oil in Belarus to same level as us the one in Germany - its Putin who cooked all this not pro Slavic Lukashenko).

The total stocks of investments in the Poland stood at USD 236,5 billion in 2019, an increase of 26% when compared to 2010 level. Poland is the first largest recipient of FDI inflows in Central Europe. The majority of stocks are held by Germany, the United States, France and the Netherlands with investments directed mainly to the manufacturing, financial and insurance activities, and wholesale and retail sectors. 

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