Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I do place every Belorussian protesting president Lukashenko on permanent job search track

 Its obvious on who organized bloodshed in Belarus https://www.dw.com/en/belarus-athletes-unite-to-oppose-paranoid-dictator-lukashenko/a-55005238

It is German/American way - its how they do it(enter you social security number into computer and no employer except one willing to break you spine offers job), so I don't know why "DICTATOR" Lukashenko couldn't use the same instruments.

European Court for so called Human Rights a GERMAN CONTROLLED court of DEATH.

I am asking United Nations to step in as no German court should replace one. NO TO GERMAN NEONAZI POLITIC !!! NO TO TRAITORS IN OUR EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES !!! 


American tanks OUT OF POLAND/UKRAINE !!! Putin(his son of law is even Dutch) out of Kremlin !!! Make Crimea neutral, return Donbas to Ukraine, and bring back Slavic unity - STOP GERMAN DEVIDE AND CONQUER GAME OF DEATH !!!

Because of my case...because of what Germany did to me via United States of America - Lukashenka has every right to exercise most brutal oppressive measures against those willing to SELL their own Belarus people into hands of Germany as Merkel's politic dictates them to. POWER TO LUKASHENKO AND PEOPLE OF BELARUS/RUSSIA(Lukashenko is by FAR more Russian than Putin is) !!!

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