Wednesday, September 9, 2020

From demolution of aged betonarna(cement house), huge tree log stucked at the bridge accros the Oder river, chain saw near car, tourist young tourist found dead in Tatras

 Huge color red truck parked in front of my car to collusion of two black holes and a corpse of woman found inside of water fountain at William/Kate. Repeated log was removed with chain saw and area for which I was told will be used to replace old cement processing facility with restaurant a bright viola color...ohhh my God what have I done. Moved on with my life. Yes, she loved Tatras and had several scenarios of disappearance if worst would come...the truth. I sure dont want anything bad for her, but we are done just as I stated - if afterlife whatever life good luck. It was on both sides of border.

I having no respect for people incapable to face with truth for what they caused. People incapable to look in eyes and issue apology. No respect for people wearing black glasses to hide truth but hind them...and mine is an ugly one. 25 years of life went down river just like smoke from cigarette...majors and politicians loved her in Poland Czech rep. elsewhere...that's good because I will be more than glad to leave if like her have her make her your Queen, but don't condition me and keep in mind I never ever wanted to be here on the first place. Hijacking, abductions, renditions, human trafficking, physical torture, forced unemployment, psychiatric hospitals, beatings...

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