Monday, September 7, 2020

Slavs in hands of Germans - this time entierly and its all thanks to Putan Putanowich

I will repeat repeated to you time and again in the past when O wstned and warned. They gave Russia bombs to bomb Ukraine(steal Crimea and Donetsk) and occupied for cost of those bombs(modernized weapons financed by German oil purchase) both - Poland, Ukraine and more(didn't sell them weapons, but instead occupied them). As a result of politic like this(they now control Russian existence entirely as all it takes to get Russia on knees is to cut economic relations with one via Poland and Ukraine), entire Slavic world turned into servitude of the West.

West now DICTATES its politic to us as we harbour politicians(their lies) for the cost of existence.

What Hitler could only dreamed off became reality for Merkel within two decades and half and without single bullet fired.łtownie-słabnie-po-oświadczeniu-merkel/ar-BB18NdQp?li=BBr5KbO

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