Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Borut Pahor, Morawiecki, Andrzej Duda missing on photo(they are main instigators of crime) - but not bad

From https://www.rtvslo.si/slovenija/protestna-barcica-na-strateskem-forumu-bled-naj-ne-postane-balaton/534758 and yes, they are all about hate. Bunch of mentally ill people who massacre souls of normal people like myself via MK Ultra torture, institutionalize inside of psychiatric hospitals(use directed energy weapons/poisoning to distance themselves from suspicion), and kill via forced unemployment(keep victims in dead end circle) - all on brought daylight where free media sees, hears, knows nothing. Its called Orwelianism. Prelude into total lunacy hosted this time in beautiful homeland Slovenia.

People at home start to know who you are and understand what you have done to native Slovenian.

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