Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Met yesterday Roma family in New Bohumin where Polish government brought me with idea to marry daughter

First Roma family in New Bohumin and in Old Bohumin I anticipate. They got two housing projects already before year 2000 and with Czech government help, they managed to nicely rebuilt both.
Pollacks would bring me for this very case time and again from Lodz city which always served as final center station for terror after hijackings(often times from Warszaw airport).

What exactly did Polish government just as American did when similar situations took place with black population in US(Pollacks would bring me to US and via terror hijackings also lobbied for scores democrats this way) anticipated from me is questionable. I believe silence was on a trade table and that involved minority groups as well.

I wish nothing but the best to Roma family I met. Some Czechs loudly daydreamed about bringing more Roma people to town with idea to commence ethnic war - Donald Trump was instructor of idea and they sure did so in 2008 I anticipate when entire apartment building in the center of the city was populated with them...wherever Donald Trump was it was nothing left behind other than divided crushed heartbroken communities with few wealthy and majority facing enormous obstacles for the sake of future survival(best way to control one is to destabilise community). But Belarus is just a story awaiting future Poland which cooked one - it is questionable how one(if) will manage one once it breaks out here(its easy to sell by backstabbing those who trust you and/or are weaker, but question is how things will turn once you will have no one left to betray).

Pollacks along with Slovenian traitors who assisted them in crime already prepared to take more protective actions for the sake of crime - border to locked down again, Jansa involved in torture warns about winter coming(Pollacks threatened with my ending frozen in Poland as I would be half handicapped incapable for work - exampling me several times along Slovenian Police who also was in Poland an individual on the side of the road who would wave during snow storm - words: you must go back to Slovenia or dead frozen - they repeated scenario during my visit to Klotzko in 2020), Polish Morawiecki met yesterday/today in Slovenia whole set of politicians in region as was told case will be to confirm commitment according to their agreement https://www.rtvslo.si/slovenija/slovenija-se-vraca-na-diplomatski-zemljevid-pozivi-k-okrevanju-gospodarstva/534717 - you can't even see here seen new in Polish media where instead media cluster its space with condemnation of Germans for WW2 - not so much in hurry to do the same when Germans dealed out Coronavirus money, but again now. Total shizoa yes.

@Poland = horror. I am Slovenian with also American citizenship. What you have committed against me is the most despicable list of crimes world have known about. Yes, I would have been much much(goes to US as well) better off if killed by KGB in 1996/1997 when brought from US to e. Europe than was staying alive "thanks" to you.

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