Thursday, September 10, 2020

I as golden donkey and the nature of horrific crime itself - poster demonstrated to me in 2015(perhaps 2012/2013) already at main Ostrava library

 To remind me of who SHE is and who created all. What my purpose was/is as in whole....its not so simple. Czechs were gonna give me away to Poland with smile on face, but they forgot I am no Czech.

Seen here was only anticipated for me to continue with personal struggle - continue convincing myself to see whatever I was even asked too...Trump is a hard core criminal sure(everyone figured out I will know who was behind nightmare in US) - animal when compared to human beings, but she is far more - did things I can't even blame her for as is female....golden donkey not - she bargained way out as whole thing was designed to get read of me gradually.

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