Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I am asking United Nations to step in and stop Polish Czech crime against me immediately

Accusing both of most severe genocide - denial of longest lasting torture in history of world(almost 26 years ruined - lost), exploiting politics to hurt even more since 2018 when two should come clean about crime - used instead time to play double game => support Donald Trump by creating impossible obstacles(TORTURE - HURT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) and insisting me that it is a form of help - selling me proofs of torture for the cost of spine injury and according to my memory(ability to recall one)...

 Video can be also seen at

I have sufficient amount of data about what went on - AND EARNED IT via broken spine, joblessness, paying landlords who tortured for no less than 23 years for additional torture via rentals. 

DO NOT NEED ANY ASSISTANCE FROM YOUR GOVERNMENTS AND REJECT BOTH STATES ON ALL LEVELS AS LEGITIMATE CIVILIZED COUNTRIES/SOCIETIES(I am not the right person for friendship between mentioned nations and as previously stated is necessity).

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