Saturday, September 26, 2020

Joe Biden pushes for greater neonazi plan - gives Lukashenko a great reason to step on the side of Donald Trump

Lukashenko much greater patriot that Vladimir Putin(ANTI UKRAINIAN WAR AND ANTI NEONAZI WORLD ORDER) now pushed against wall by number one US democrat running for presidential seat in US. Biden accuses Trump of silence on 'dictator' in Belarus|1

I told you all where whole thing is going at. In US, there are democrats and democrats and then there is that republican party we all know what one stands for...

Biden's agenda clear - push tanks a bit closer to Moscow. Right across the graves of Belarus peoples who seems are eager to confront their neighbors/family members for the sake of so much craved Western "freedom"(real occupation).

@Slavs...they are out there to get us all killed in case you haven't realized yet. It will come to you, but way too late. Biden just happens to be one of the longest serving deep state NAZI servants. Just as acquaintance with my case as Trump alone. Involved in one since day 1. Happy voting 2020 and saw nothing, heard nothing, knew/know nothing all new democrats game.

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