Wednesday, September 9, 2020

If you will speak about her(psychologist), they will remove her - make her disappear

 I will only add to that either 2010 or 2012/2013(most likely) attempt to break my spine via backpack which was loaded and placed on my back sideway on what I was forced to march with one prior to return to mental hospital in Ljubljana for about several hours. Spine pain was sharp afterwords and satisfaction from Pollacks who witness account tremendous. They have examined my spine afterwards and I can confirm effects of numbness as well as pain. Kate and William both instigated with news as seen here that one will be ultimate warning to me before they will remove her, but both had a great idea about other stuff I would most likely open mouths about her - I didn't....I rate both(Kate and William) as psychopaths who enjoy nothing more than human suffering. As far as mentioned psychologist, I don't want anything against her, but also nothing to do with her. Pollacks voted in 2020 for Andrzej Duda - she has nothing to be ashamed for and I have zero expectation from them as a nation/people. Its all clear. Nothing to worry from this end - I am angry enough to not even run immediate evidence of destroyed property any longer in respect to Poland...go figure out why.

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