Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Germany demands NAZISM - not "solidarity" again

 Country on whose behalf US and few others bombed Mideast and impoverished African continent is again demanding according to Swiss media https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/germany-pushes-for-eu-solidarity-on-migration---again/46049372 a solidarity with countries which have nothing to do with it(eastern Europe). In fact a solidarity with countries which opposed bombardments of Mid east/Africa. 

Germany which turned citizens of Syria/Iran/Lybia and numerous others into homeless "refugees" in fact demands acceptance of more refugees into their environment for the sake of the extra costs(eastern Europe is struggling with impoverished developing economy) and division of society alone via crime - joblessness and racial differences(immigrants without wives etc.).

When will eastern European politicians call Germany in he face for what it is and hold one accountable for its actions it became unclear. Germany demands borderless European politic - demands from Eastern Europeans to see themselves rather as white(its why one is creating socioeconomic crises) than nationals of their countries or members of Slavic communities with systematic replacement of heads of the states via which entire systems including original people would be changed into fourth Reich.

Germany = replace word with word "problem" to understand its meaning. Always was and allays will be.

We all(along with homeless citizens from Mideast/Asia/Africa) deserve better is what I believe. We all deserve a piece of land to live on IN PEACE and call one as homeland - know that Germany is turning eastern European people into wondering Roma alike nations(not only is bombing Mideast/Asia/Arica, but is economically killing us as well) and situation thanks to our brave eastern European leaders isn't about to get any better any time soon. ECONOMY WHERE WE ALL LOSE.

On a photo above what German death looks like in 2020(will be rehabilitated via hatred if burning their homes and possibly killing family members wasn't enough upon their arrival to Germany where lured by money, welfared in Germany via few extra Euros for duration of few months and sent to some impoverished part of eastern Europe where people are struggling with existence to complain about human rights violations there). Just 75 years after WW2 in fact.

Germans more represented in US than in Germany(50% of whites in US compelled to view themselves as of German ancestry via Equal Employment Opportunity services - jobs - social engineering) as far as freedom of expression(right to open hatred talk in US while hiding above seen NEONAZI politic behind local laws) and its another reason why we Slavs(they have wiped us out in US as communities almost entirely) can't afford to compete with German politic based on either as is in Germany or in US. 

Local eastern European politicians encouraged to engage in crime against own population via Orwelianism https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/07/my-mk-ultra-casesilence-code-nothing.html to see themselves more related to foreign politicians than own population. Its how great machine works - melts down entire world.

Here you have micromodul of global economy on how and by whom one is ran. Where whole thing is leading as is.

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