Sunday, September 27, 2020

With total commitment to sell out own people and even steering revolution next door in Belarus

Morwiecki, Duda and others became nothing more than marionettes on AmeroGerman chessboard FOR LIFE TIME. SOLD OUT FOR GOOD WITH POSSIBILITY OF NO RETURN. I anticipate therefore a super sharp raise of state crime against Polish citizens inside of the Poland in coming years. Hosting them elsewhere is like inviting accident into your own state and this is how Slavic unity became a crack - is becoming wider and wider. Donald Trump in fact was/is extremely effective in destroying one. $$$ did and does wonders in eastern Europe...

Poland as we speak already is only the lonely. Left for dead diplomatically by all neighbors except for Czechs perhaps and situation there is interesting one even more...THIS IS A NEIGHBOR TO BE SCARED ABOUT(weather you are Belarussian or Ukrainian or Slovak or Slovenian or whoever - Polish diplomacy brought and continues to bring death and devastation) !!!

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