Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I wish her all the best of the best

 She has a great moral orientation. In line with my own political views. Did worked hard in her life and interacted with people on all levels of life in style. But as far as myself she is past. She had hundreds of impersonators(because she needed them not because it would be from scamming her perspective - when you screw badly its only impersonators than can save you), and I often could feel(saw her) her presence few meters on side/back(darkest times - ect followed and so on) - even when she supposedly wasn't there if you understand me...she is great awesome but not for me. Very talented and wish her best of best. She deserves it. 

The hatred went across the borders of Poland all the way to Czech rep...enough is enough. Didn't have a face to meet me - talk to me in private as human to human, apologise, be a human enough to face her(her own) what appear to be her deepest fears - conscious...prefers to watch from distance use codes shirts mob etc...

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