Monday, September 28, 2020

US politic nooo more

 This is a soap opera...a scam a lie used to avoid what I was awarded with as Slovenian Slav in USA. Admit they have interesting show going on, but I have more interesting stuff to pursue. Perhaps it will be next Trump's birth certificate they will release and one will demonstrate that he was brought to US at age 3 by mistake after parents' visiting his grandpa town in Germany or something...a soap opera cry me river when its time to admit crime known as money time. Queen from London I understand is also no longer as reach and Berlin is about to file chapter 11 for Grrrmany😁😂😃😃😃😃

Trump’s Massive Hairstyling Bill Revealed In NYT Bombshell Tax Report means to me for whole thing to be a waste of time. no more wasting time on US politic.

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