Wednesday, September 30, 2020

99% Pollacks and Czechs wanted to help - but 1% hosted or found its way on picture someway somehow

Great people that can't be hold liable for 1% hired on behalf of few foreign Trumpets and domestic politicians. Disgrace that they agreed to demands/conditions of their politicians to the point they wouldn't' allow me to even leave on fenced properties three bags of personal belongings and I was instead forced to burry them(hide them) and drive with them in a vehicle already small in size, but still people who invested in helping me out during MK Ultra to recall helpful events in the future.

I want to thank again to Roma people on both sides of border of which some(involved in MK Ultra) opposite from Andrej Babish even wanted to buy me bus tickets !!! 

Just as if you would have - thank you for being normal human beings.

Austrian neonazi Sebastian Kurz(right hand of Angela Merkel - Merkel's student) is a mentor of Babish. Andrej Babish's patron/regulator who observes(administers from outside) financial affairs of Babish. All Babish who signed along Hungarian Orban a neonazi pact has to do is tell his mentors that he no longer want to be part of the great deal. In another words Babish just have to go to Kurz and admit one that he lied about his views, but Babish already made up his mind and was/is certain how damage he caused me can be used to get excuse to proceed with whatever he had going on with Berlin/Budapest.

What Polish Kaczynski/ Duda/ Morawiecki orchestrated against me in Poland would be seen by any international standards as total hostility of nations against foreign individual - act of war.

Babish went as far as using his above mentioned "security team" having me laid down drugged(MK Ultra) up inside of the car on very spot infront of company which I have identified(where car was parked during time of destruction), cover me with blanket/plandeka(I cite, "WATCH OUT DONT MOVE GLASS WILL FLIE ALL OVER YOU STAY COVERED WE WILL DO THIS" yelling) and smashing car window with heavy shuffle that glass shrubs/pieces flew all over car while threatening me how it will be when I come to Czech republic. This are people whom Babish police used during MK Ultra and are local workers employees residents - natives whom everyone knows. 

Yes, shuffle bought in local Polish store was stolen from my car once broken as first - all test subject were doing the same and all had one along with them as they all had to burry belongings just like myself. It was Trump's reality show game - one of the points on how to train person in foreign land under total hostility conditions I guess. Total lunacy !!???? No, just Trump/AmeroGerman politic and few eastern European shizos with political powers where hatred sells best and justice/truth matters not.

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