Tuesday, September 29, 2020

This is individual(Andrej Babiš) who organized attack on me in Czech republic and was also here in Slovenia - in our house/in Novo mesto

This whackjob was involved in my abduction along with US Government and other eastern European politicians since 1995 and got financial credit from European Union once for exactly if I properly recall 400 million Euros/Dollars(subvention/credit whatever via this very case - year most likely was 2002 or so). This maniac claimed me would just let local police in Ostrava(this very police department in Ostrava had total support from head police in Ostrava just as the case was with police in Poland) to do as they promised me would do if I would dare come to Czech republic. 
Andrej Babish is as fake as Donald Trump and also knows his days are numbered(Czech people want him and its why I DECLINED TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ONE AS IS THEIR BUSINES to resolve their affairs).

He wanted to be on the map either way do - causing damage(basically take responsibility for atentat) and from within manipulate to either direction or whatever option would pay him off better.

We are not on the same page do and I reject any help/support from either him or police department involved in his. Bring me the phones/SD cards etc. and I will break them on your heads. I don't want them anymore as they stink from your hands. Any feel that you contributed to anything positive in my life would trigger further disgust for life in me. If you didn't know better when meeting me, I don't want to remember you in any different light/way either.

He is hiding Czech frustrations(mental sickness) behind European Union criminals such as is Sebastian Kurz(wanted me along other Czechs to point at EU flag for crimes) who realized that hatred and corruption are powerful enough instrument for these eastern European apparatchincs(ex communists) to commit themselves and own people into suicide.

This Czech communist thug and his helpers will now pursue along their other eastern European colleagues to choke me financially even more as Pollacks declined to provide what Polish police claimed was coronavirus crises in respect to my car....in Slovenia a huge stack of psychiatric diagnosis and letters from attorney awaited me upon my return...Hungarians even sent bills for free banking account which I have opened in 2017 and so on...

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