Monday, September 28, 2020

Crises in US might have been TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL DUE TO THIS VERY CASE for which Western governments insisted will pay 200 - 300 billion Dollars in 2006 in CASH IF PROVEN

 I WAS(no longer am but was) in shock when I observed Hollywood/NBA etc. famous collecting awards, major film roles, buying discounted real estate properties, collecting Grammies and even gesturing own people whose civil rights were(I understand) under attack during Trump's administration as solution to leave country rather than stand up for what they claimed to be part of !!! These people were ALL INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA along with Trump's republicans(not only administration, but all heads of the state affairs senators etc. and bellow were are very well familiarized with what wen on in respect to my case).

We will see how things will develop and make no mistake I pledged support for democrats on both sides of the ocean to which promise I will keep - but at the same time NOOOOO DISCOUNTS in respect to my case when it comes to financial war which you on both sides have created.

I already know my way(no worries)...know yours. Related to

Keep Slovenia Slovenia, so some other Slav(rUSSIAN OR sERBIAN OR cROAT or uKRAINIAN cECH pOLLACK ETC.) or will have at least a place to run from country where republicans are Hitler party and where democrats are democrats and democrats. NO NO NO...BARE NECCESITY NOT EVEN PRIDE !!!

This crap goes on for 26 years....for 23 years Buckingham palace, Berlin, White House, Paris and others could close their eyes because of nightmare they created...they invested lots of time and money on gateway(ESCAPE), but it all failed to pieces in front of God all mighty.

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