Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Have recorded video about here stated when in Ostrava where metal wire is still in the water

 They had me in shallow water(river Ostravica dam where car was broken) and played with electric current via metal wire which runs straight into water. This wire, I remember, is there already for many years...verbal threats on drowning which ranged from Krka river in Novo mesto, Slovenia, lakes on the border between Czech republic and Poland ended with real electric currents(low voltage, but still powerful enough to feel them in shallow waters before dam and understand points/lessons given to me on how I will be drown if I will swim

Its actually how swimmers are drown/killed( no one knows how heh). Have interested videos coming.

I declined threats and swim even in cold water conditions. Its life and helps a lot with my spine problems.

Who...Czech police officers involved in burglary/theft/vandalizing of car had often(some entire young life) spent time on this very dam is who - always whenever Americans were present is who/how.

Yes, people drown in home pools too - what shocks me is that no faulty play was ever found in those drownings during Trump's presidency.

I am not angry on Czech/Polish people on general - its the opposite even that I lost few times I admit....but that people in police uniforms participate in stuff like this and create negative impression in an individual about entire country who is from another Slavic state for the sake of some German American neonazi garbage is what invigorates me tremendously. Babish is worth 5 billion Dollars of stolen money... the toxic form of help he chose was to smash/crush my last earnings/dimes which provided for me more home than car with that 1999 Skoda Felicia and he knows it. SHAME !!! Keep in mind Hungarians have stolen me car in 1997 from FREE PARKING LOT in Budapest and then sent bill worth 2000 Euros for towing/storing one on a private lot in Budapest - its same tactics Babish is using.

I can live with immigrants and minorities of all kinds, but I can't tolerate near me existence of someone like Orban/Babish/Kurz(regular thieves/bandits/hateful low life criminals)...this is just an answer because Orban(Janez Jansa in Slovenia) threatened people who committed themselves to helping refugees in Hungary/Slovenia etc. on how they will have to live with them.

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