Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Message from Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to me to you - to all of us and foremost to himself

Conversation was done with hahaha tunes loones infront of me(I often times faced complete lunacy attitude in the face - most of the time) when drugged up:

Whoever(appeared to be American) asked Babiš, "do you believe in Christ" ?

I cite Mr. Babiš, "no, but I believe in Bobby"

Whoever asked further Babiš, "why in Bobby and not in Christ" ?

Babiš, "because Bobby will redeem my sins and let me get away with it".

His plan according to Babiš and few other "heroes"(smartheads) was to simply sign up neonazi pact with Hungarians, Germans, London, and others through which they collected money at large - industry was brought to Poland/Czech rep. and then via mountains of crime which BOTH sides organized(they played war through to me as both sides hated me to death - couldn't see each other eye to eye, but have seen each other as partners in crime against me - this is what united both sides as common bond + corruption and investments) across eastern Europe to catch themselves into trap through which they would awkward admit crime against me that is as long as I would counter nazis agenda....

I am not trying to whack myself here nor save them from their obligations(memory on MK Ultra brainwash now restored in respect to Czech republic for which they have anticipated would take place as the last one in chain) - I am just stating what they wanted me to tell you their bail plan is as of right now(TODAY) because these eastern European birds are afraid apparently(its what they insisted on with support of "the people" how they fear) to say NO into faces of their financial patrons from Berlin/London etc. through whom they obtained technologies, investments, loans, markets etc...so this is why some eastern European lucifer Babish/Babiš saw in me better than in Jesus Christ opportunity after obtaining via my case also loans/grants/ connections etc...

@Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš  -  London/Berlin/Budapest(Orban does), Washington DC where neonazi president has half Czech children are waiting for your explanations in case you didn't use destruction of my car for excuse to cooperate with them further in crime against humanity. There is nothing communist in parasite like yourself.

What hurts me the most is that people whom I advocated took this very same weird insane stranger than strange criminal route according to which they see themselves as righteous. I no longer know what/for whom I struggle for.

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