Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Bloodshed in Belarus created by Poland

 This I was told case will be - first one of the Baltic states for suspicion to be directed away from creator of crime and then stay here in Poland. Very very nice. Poland = Amero German tool searching within Slavic states for anything that can be sold.

@Poland ==> For the same reason you created massacre in Belarus, you have claimed to West was necessary to kill your own people who participated in MK Ultra. I counted some 200+ people whose lives were destroyed via this very case...why if you have caused in Belarus same as you claimed was necessary to fight against !!??? You crossed border to Czech rep. where compelling Czech gov. doing same. Killing Polish Czech people who saw themselves in my suffering under fascist claim while supporting Western fascism in neighboring Belarus. Very very nice. Double not, triple/quadruple standards.

@Chichanouska - enjoy Poland. Now you are free. You did your job well. Morawiecki wasn't the one who paid respect to SS graveyard in Munchen either, not at all.

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