Friday, September 11, 2020

Library(old and new) in Old Bohumin was identified on day I mentioned would pay visit to one

 I even remember interior if one upstairs - renovation of interior on what was done inside girls and do on in cade you wonder...Ostrava how can I say...I have one in a little is just few photos.

Brought from Italy for my Czech friend in 97 who as a result of throat cancer can't go even for a swim with me to his most sacred place on world - two lakes on a backyard. 

Where boys near Ostrava would bath - lodged...where memorial was dedicated to Paul Walker - Walker was a Trump's prelude needed for igniting war in Hollywood - used to split one as Paul was popular on both side yet very very proud of his heritage...Trump needed him DEAD. Both sides grew to close to one another = Paul Walker's funeral fixed just that. What followed Walker's death in 2013 was seen on obituaries(massacre of left Hollywood/NBA and business people). Clearly is who, how, and why.

Demolished buildings along rail identified, lifted rail identified, repositioned rail at the beginning of rail identified..two now non existing lakes at end rail identified - one according to Trump's words in 2005 could perhaps still even be saved, but other one not...another Ostrava area where industrial park was built and Trump active...I built spider web through and around Ostrava from undeniable 1996/1997/1998 memories....Ostrava library and her area identified - knew where old Ostrava library was and so on...

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