Friday, September 11, 2020

How American billionaires made 650 bill. during Coronavirus - answer is they didnt, but I know someone who did

 US Government equals "billionaires" as those are nothing more than clowns used to poke idiotic tweets at each other and pose with gaffes via main stream media outlets who attempt to portray them as filthy wealthy SPECIALLY DURING HEAVY ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL BEATING which resulted from economic war declared on China. This self US Gov. proclaimed(made - crowned if you like)

billionaires must look cool in a face of total socio economic defeat or defeat would be even greater....its what they get paid based on.

Trolls at its best is how one should refer to one them. None earned anything - grew like mushrooms after the rain out of nowhere and collected $$$$ government leased technology via "stocks option". 

Real billionaires are few and don't get paid based on number of tweet replies. 

Rothchilds and few others that are on scene for some time yes...those are brands for some time on market you can trust....but Musk, Zuckerberg, Google owners, Bezos NOT unless you like circus that much...

Blah blah blah

The one who made was the one who turned you and me into tourists during " Coronavirus" crises so they could collect and further segregate(that's US Government and others who stole payments)...raise issue of profit already after God knows which economic crise for which public doesn't even have the right to know about as they go totally UNREPORTED - classified.

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