Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Attacked by Czech(Ostrava) police first day upon my arrival.

Telephones(both - all) stolen along with 5 memory cards with data on them(from audio recordings to passwords, photos, videos) and at night physically assaulted when inside of my car. Eventually rear glass was shuttered by police associates wearing civil clothing. I know these people since 1996(police and attackers) when brought ever since(since 1995) for physical torture to Czech rep. / Poland.

Police accepted first complain and have filed police report, but declined to provide me with second police report claiming that windows needs to be repaired first - prohibited me from using vehicle till one is repaired - physical assault on me didn't matter to them. Description of attackers neither.

Telephones, cards stolen in front of my eyes at approximately1300 hours and attack occurred between 2030 - 2100 hours(know all police officers and can give private details on them - area of police station and so on).

Incapable to even log myself into blogger without telephone I finally got one of hard drives to allow me login into one.

Damage caused is huge, but biggest one is police conduct. I am in shock and will leave Czech rep. as soon as possible - will not return to Poland as planned on either(was and is involved in attack).

Is impossible to spent destroying yourself wasting energy with job search(90% of time), repairing and paying for repairs(eating total garbage food so they can destroy more) and spend 10% of time working.

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