Sunday, April 14, 2019

@Angela Merkel and her team

What you insisted on( it turned into along with Kremlin in latent stages as Kremlin was more than willing to betray and kill for the sake of money while you wanted money to become tool known as "devide and conquer") case would be under MKultra as " you will get paid based on your memory about one, will be turned through reality into paid based on whatever was deleted from my memory via electroshics and heavy Russian MKultra brainwash which was used specially in 2017 and for what I have proofs as well(documentary about shopping center us coming where I recognized all stories except the biggest German Mills store and small store which was opened few months ago and which one will be used as ultimate fact about above stated).

No one has doubt wheather MKultra was or not as too many proofs about one was already submitted(my memory despite everything very very good preserved - my self confidence powerful enough) it is time to eat her determine what have RUSSIAN TRAITORS used for the sake of German money to save one from liabilities.

It was in Belarus when brought back that Belarus UN lawyer asked that I am not treaitir and would not betray Russian people...I never felt betraying anyone , and it never ever crossed my mind I would do such thing in a country which part I wanted to become in question melted in my head for quite some time I understand the answer to one. Whohoho brainwash of millenium.

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