Monday, April 8, 2019


Mr. Alexandre MARTINETTI who was involved in MKultra case since 1999 and perhaps even earlier have one day in 2093 randomly bumped into young student eager to learn French(this happened in store in Minsk near University in which vicinity Mr. Martinetti resided).

Pleased with his French skills and need for assistance in case, Mr. Jurij soon became persecuted individual who found his way to Grotniki, Poland(2004 and on).

United nations provided Jurij with some extra help last week as few French speaking individuals from Africa arrived - all involved in MKultra in late stage. 

UNITED NATIONS HAVE ALSO SEEN THINGS AS "IT COULD BE LIKE THIS AND LIKE THAT" (we could help out for considerable sume if money or even get you all proofs ex elected from hard drives - on Saturday 22 GB if Audio recordings was deleted from my pen drive and just two weeks earlier over 30GB of audio recordings were zapped via viruses in local print shop when attempting to print answer to Warsaw)..

This very serious situation and obviously deserves all intention world can give, so GENOICIDE won't become a sport for some and cooperation with criminality a mater of survival for victims. Related to

Russians(KREMLIN) didn't penetrate only into European American elections(have clearly financed Nazism across the Europe while pointing finger at Ukraine - from German AfD to Italian Legs Nord/French Front national and so on), but also UN as you see.

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