Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I worked hard and got to the point for which I was told by UN people who watched ordeal that one will be stopped as no longer made any sense

More stores identified...I did enough to close deal and according to words of some officials from UN who watched ordeal, its where whole thing ends....Russians ruined in 2017 whole MKultra by creating unprecedented net of lies(total cluster supported by electroshocks and so on).

Despite here stated, I did very very well...very very well is when you demonstrate certainty(drive) throughout the case despite cluster and manage to hit certain details with precission as I did.

Donald Trump violated Poles as well as myself. Russians didn't do dirty stuff as they gestured to possibly protect him and his yelling(what I was told he did on Poles in Zgierz once he learned about Russian interference in 2017 as Russians were allowed to brainwash inside of stores where owners tried to help me along Americans) was a lie translated to me via various channels...Donald Trump was and is in bed with Russians....brainwash vwas used to yet again split me - push me from Poland...fact is that Donald Trump had American Russians guiding me under Mm Kultra to Russia and Belarus...fact is that you have Americans which stayed in Belaruys and Russia today...fact is that when in Belarus during 2017, Americans were used from Donald Trump team to engage in malicious wrongdoings so I would turn as much as possible against US...fact is that some Poles paid dearly for supporting me under MKultra...fact is that Trump drwamede and more about getting me one way or another from Poland because he feared world would found out who he is(if I do listen his advice's, I be out of here already 3 months ago....I cite '"if you see nothing happens and MR Kaczynski can do this and that to you blah blah")....videos are coming as there is plenty material and I truly hope for UN assistance...

Donald Trump = deeply in bed with Kremlin...and I can't judge nation according to his filthy can you judge anyone if you take away from him or her the right to judgment !!???? What were they supposed to do...on one side You(Russian agent) Trump and on other what/ pitch what !!??? Pathological liar...a low life friminal for whom I hope will be seated on electric chair. Traitor to US and world.

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