Friday, April 12, 2019

Still interested very much in psychologist mom

Yes her child is half Russian, but

One wouldn't be if it wasn't for me(Remember this Poland because it did happened right here before your eyes that she found herself cry a lot)...they had me in Belarus with her and her husband and we were in Russia, but that's okay too because all I care is that she is doing okay today.

Remember to judge person when person is given equal opportunity and not when compelled to trade what should have been her life with views of few privileged.

Regarding child...
Children should always serve us as ultimate instrument of sanity. You can't go wrong in life as responsible parent, because there is no place for mistakes. Such child(with proper care) could grow into adult that would remind Kremlin's lunatics of importance to act as an normal adult. Because all I know for about Kremlin are betrayal(you are faceless traitors/warms - I will explain in video what you have done for all Slavic people to understand what kind you are), lies, rape, and killings. We can not accept this to became normative in Poland or elsewhere, and Russian people need to be reminded of what life should serve for...

It used to be that people used to marry for money and power with spouses from other countries...I have instead come to solution that marrying for what is right would contribute(specially because of what we have going on worldwide) more to this world and to my personal happiness.

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