Friday, April 26, 2019

Joe Bezos(160 billion USD) and myself

47 years old(hungry, malnutritioned, radiated, unsleep, and all you have seen) bagging for sanity on streets of Polish Lodz after being tortured for 24 years is what Donald Trump created. Is a beast make no mistake about it. bills first and then talk about Schengen. Germany violated one way before Poland even become member state, and you haven't even mention one.

Macron was involved in MKultra case since early beginnings of one and seems to have suffer deep amnesia which allowed him to set some memories aside(I met his father, Mr Raphale, Loreal owner and her hairs through his involvement - I should say they met me as I didn't have any option/benefits from them, but they profited big time through my case in which top politicians and buisenes people were involved)...

America will prove its constitution and order as is declaring one to world once Kremlin's Gambino who seats with his princess in White House faces justice as of right now whole world can see a disgrace hovering over US flag.

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