Friday, April 26, 2019

Lets just wish new elected Ukrainian president best of luck

Doesn't matter to me if he is Jewish. What matters to me is how much Ukrainian spirit is in him.

I did wished for Poroshenko, but whatever it is it is...we shall see soon how funny(😁) comedian is or not...Russians tanks and nukes on the other side of occupied Ukraine are waiting and Putin deals traitors a Russian passports(such is the issue my friends - more important than what you are is who you are).

For begining, I would ask Putan Putanowich to hand instead of passports(what thug is doing back Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine or prepare lots lots of Russian passports for remaining Russian population and traitors in Ukraine(Stalin knew that social engineering is a merceless tool)

Good luck Mr. Zelensky. Make your Ukraine proud of your roots.

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