Monday, April 29, 2019

Fort Bastian Auser maybe(depends on others), and as far as For Trump I personally GUARANTEE YOU

Its that time of the year - CIA for whom you gestured how is trying to overthrow US Government(@Trump - didn't know that Kremlin's KGB boy in the White House whose wife is daughter of UDBA assassin are US Government)  and I both know written here is a plane fact.

As far as Kaczynski/Trump FORT TRUMP meetings and cluster related to my case, go ahead(hurry because it is coming to an end for both sides - your impact on this case = ZERO).

Time to return Poland to Polish people and create out of one a souvereign state that will serve primarily own interests(Polish nation as whole and not to particular - 90% non Polish devisive interests which burned Poland to the ground in WWII) and interests of like minded in the region.
Kaczynski(Duda/Morawiecki are his products) loves to play with sanity of people speciallybefore elections(he will give you a raise don't worry/he knows what was done to you - he is just driving you insane for hollydays and using you to boost his final ratind on "elections") - should Polish teachers work for close to mimum wage like no others in Europe/world(do math/ Pol. language etc. matter !!?) !!? 

Neonazi dejavou ran by Kremlin coming to an end also in Poland.
World knows !!!

EXCLUSIVELY. Two more meetings between Duda and Trump this year? Minister Szczerski speaks in detail about the presidential calendar

A few days ago, the daily „Rzeczpospolita” informed about the stepping up negotiations between Washington and Warsaw regarding the construction of Fort Trump in Poland, as well as the visit of the President of the United States to Poland in September. Donald Trump, during his speech on 1 September on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, would announce his decision to build an American military base in Poland. The portal asked the Head of the Cabinet of President Krzysztof Szczerski about these reports.

As we have learned, the arrangements for the calendar of meetings of presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump are being finalised.

In mid-April, „Fakt” informed that before Trump’s possible visit to Poland, there would be a meeting between Duda and the US President in the White House. The meeting would take place during Duda’s June visit to the United States. This would confirm the information that in 2019 two meetings of the presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump will take place.


ps. The only fact is what you read above written in response by myself as I don't care about what media refers to as Fakt/Fake or whatever...this is real and those who created here seen(not I) will go to jail.

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