Thursday, April 11, 2019

Video coming about Polish God and his frick whom he sent along KGB to assist me

Poland commited in this case atrocities which WAYYYYY superceede those of Adolf Hitler.

The only way out for one would be for me to accept what I am about present in video.

Fact is that I can(you should too) only accept stuff that benefits me and is obviously the unavoidable(technology is the future and one is part of us - believe me I understand this issue more than Elon Musk), but under no circumstances a work of conman who attempted via violence and with his frick to deceive on past in Poland(basically what case was/is all about, created jam rather than solutions with his very limited technology, and have misrepresented whole thing to the world with lies). Related to Well, you must be GOD then Musk...not mine, but sure of some ;)

Who that will not get whole thing out 😀 no worries bro...I get it done with smile on my face just like this.

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