Sunday, April 21, 2019

MKULTRA Troll didn't survived top secret but I did

More and more proofs are pilling up atop of mountain of undeniable proofs in respect to MKultra case to which I was subjected for no less than 24 years.
Video can be also seen at or or

Russian individual(Moscowian KGB) covered mine and his head with bed sheet(used as regular procedure by everyone to hide passwords etc.) and asked me to bare with him just once more as a favor("hold on to it I have to do just this more thing and you are okay" <== he did this at the end of the day at least once it happened right here in this Grotniki center in 2017) on what he used portable ECT unit to clear my memory - was painful and mind went blank...repeated procedure twice or so on what he stated me we are okay now...the next day MKultra procedure repeated.

Tablet is hacked sure and seen here are just undisputable facts.

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