Saturday, April 20, 2019

In respect to American racism mentioned in video

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It was foremost Swedes(SCANDINAVIANS who incited them in one) and have even conditioned presence of Jewish DNA in Poland with investments(that Polish DNA in this part if Poland is non European and as such doesn't fit into Poland).

Something that Kaczynski swallowed up and begun to even contemplate on how to get read off.

Scandinavians which along with Germans started this bounty game(they placed cash prize on my MKultra case and handed me to eastern European leaders by brainwashing them on money issues through to me after I assisted them with greatest economic and beyond deals), also gestured on how there will be nothing with investments in Poland till my case is completed - they gestured to me on how it is beneficial for me such stand(it would save my life and not kill me even that myself was listed by them on a death list) as all the money would go through to me who would support their great neonazi cause.

There was no real investments in Poland till just recent(some medical firm was told in2015 will move in here and losos farm, but nothing big).

But there were on the other hand heavy investments and money loundry for the sake of stated above right here(Russia)
where about 40% of young people would love to run from very today

New German problem is much more than just problem / it is a real threat to our lives/existence.

In no way would I swollow racist MKultra brainwash into reality after seeing with my real eyes what I have seen in Poland(these are very beautiful women/people here and what makes whole thing beautiful is Polish diversity)...Germans played filthy from very beginning and have believed their diareah will increasingly become part of my new normal. Not so. Germany I know off = death(more and more nothing more than necessary by technological evill -  POLAND MUST BE COMPENSATED AND FOR WARSAW AS WELL AS FOR STATED HERE AS YOU HAVE DONE IN THIS PART IF THE COUNTRY NOTHING BUT EVILL).


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